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The Conglomerated Facility State Enterprise "Skadovsk Sea Port"

The Conglomerated Facility State Enterprise "Skadovsk Sea Port"

Skadovsk Sea Trading Port is offered for sale. The port of Skadovsk is located on the northern shore of the Dzharilgatsky Bay of the Black Sea. To the south, the bay is bounded by the coastline of the island of Dzharilgach. The water area of Skadovsk port is a bucket, the entrance to which is fenced with a dam. Its depth in the middle part is 5-5.3 m. Depths in the bay reach up to 10 m.

Company’s Profile:

  • ancillary maintenance of water transport;
  • extraction of sand, gravel, clay and kaolin;
  • non-specialized wholesale trade;
  • other types of retail trade outside stores.

Land Profile:

General land plot area makes 5, 9543 ha.

Assets Included:

The port conglomerated facility comprises of 55 units of real estate and a branch of the Horlivka sea trade point as part of the state enterprise, the latter is located at Kherson region, Kalanchak district, Horly village, 2, Naberezhna St., which part is a separate facility. The term of the contract expires in 20 years.


1,3 million ton per year.

Other Features:

The port has 5 berths, but there are only 3 of these are currently in operation. The overall berth line is 0.8 km with depths of up to 6 m. Land communication with the seaport is carried out by road.

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