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Advanced Silo Facility/Elevator Complex, Storage Capacity up to 67 760 ton, in Dnipro region

Advanced Silo Facility/Elevator Complex, Storage Capacity up to 67 760 ton, in Dnipro region


A modern complex silo facility of 67,760 ton storage capacity is offered for sale. The national annual growth of grain and leguminous crops gross growth provides for the preconditions for maximum loading of the elevator capacities and full supply of raw materials. The facility is located within 1 km from the Pereshchepino-Lychkovo highway, 4.5 km from the Buzovka railway station in the village Lychkovo, and the passage of the railway at a distance of 160 m from the elevator, which disposition makes for a significant competitive advantages list, especially in the field of logistics.

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The facility is located in Dnipropetrovska oblast (region), Mahdalynivskiy rayon (district), village of Lychkovo, at 83D Partizanska St., aside to the Kharkivska and Poltavska oblasts (regions), the location is the advantage while receiving the delivered products from the aforesaid regions, correspondingly.

Capital Assets Available:
– Silo made of metal structures on a reinforced concrete foundation with a capacity of 10 600 m3 – 8 units;

– Buffer silos made of metal structures on a reinforced concrete foundation;
– Grain dryer;
– Working tower;
– Waste bin, working cleaning tower;
– Device for unloading from vehicles for 2 passages;
– Administrative building;
– Enclosing structures made of sandwich panels.
– Tangible movables within the complex (specific- and non-specialized equipment) by domestic and foreign manufacture;

– Equipment (bucket elevators, conveyor, grain cleaning machines) of foreign production (Czech Republic).

Engineering Equipment Available:
– Cold and hot water supply;
– Water disposal;
– Elevator;
– Garbage chute;
– Individual heating installations – 2 boilers from Protherm “Medved” 40 KLQH with a capacity of 35 kW each.

Commercial Price:
UAH 106, 161, 925

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