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Oil Refinery & Extraction Plant in Zaporizhzhia region

Oil Refinery & Extraction Plant in Zaporizhzhia region


For Sale: Oil Refinery/Extraction Plant in Zaporizhzhia region. An oil extraction plant is offered for sale. Located in Zaporizka oblast (region). The production capacity of the plant for input raw materials makes 18,000 tons per month. The refinery has been operating since 2011; in August 2014, a workshop for oil extraction was put into operation.

Project description
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I. Products:
– edible oil
– meal (solvent cake)
– husk
– ash formed during the combustion of husk, which is used as fertilizer.

II. Capital Assets:
– Truck unloader, with a total capacity of 1200 tons / day;
– Seed samplers manufactured by “Rakoraf”;
– Certified factory laboratory;
– Elevator capacities for storage of raw materials with a volume of 123,500 m3;
– Seed preparation section (equipment of the firms “Harburg Freudenberger” (Germany), “Monsun” (Denmark), “Cimbria” (Denmark));

– Oil-pressing equipment of the firm “Krupp” (Germany) with a productive capacity of 600 tons / day (it is possible to increase up to 800 tons / day);

– Extraction equipment with a capacity of 600 tons / day with the possibility of increasing up to 800 tons / day, produced by Desmet (Belgium), filtration equipment by Alfa Laval (Sweden), separation equipment by Westfalia (Germany);

– Tanks for storing oil with a volume of 16,000 m3;
– Tanks for storage of meal for 9,000 tons;
– Warehouses for storage of husk with a volume of 900 tons;
– Tanks steaming point;
– Loading auto overpasses.

III. Communications/Supply
– Natural gas (practically not used, due to the use of husk as the main fuel);

– Electrical substation PS-35 kW (2 independent inputs), there are 6 power transformers, the existing capacity for transformers is 6 MW, technical conditions for 5 MW have been agreed;

– Water supply from the city water supply;
– 2 reservoirs for redundancy and continuous water supply of production;
– Boiler plant “Biysk plant” (Russia), operating on sunflower husk, there is also a back-up economizer “Viessmann”, operating on natural gas;

– Electrostatic precipitator “Energomashinzhiniring” (Ukraine);
– Automobile access roads, place of storage of freight transport;

– Sewerage – industrial wastewater treatment with a capacity of 3 m3 / hour;
– At this stage, the construction of a railway track to the production area is underway.

IV. Pros:
– Availability of a developed base of suppliers of raw materials ensures the operation of production at full capacity;

– Existing export contracts make it possible to deliver all goods manufactured for export, thereby ensuring the inflow of foreign exchange earnings into the country.

– The proximity of the seaports of Ukraine makes it possible to reduce the company’s logistics costs;

– Availability and use of modern high-quality equipment from European manufacturers, with the use of a vertical layout of the organization of production;

– Certification of the enterprise according to the QMS / HACCP system: ISO 22 000: 2005, with the possibility of prolongation. These certificates are necessary for potential buyers, especially for export shipments;

– Use of own raw materials for heating and steam production (Average daily husk consumption by the boiler is 30 tons, with an average daily husk production of 90 tons;

– Possibility of organizing granulation of sunflower meal and husk, which will make it possible to increase the proceeds from the sale of finished products;

– If there is a need for further development of the enterprise, there is a free adjoining territory, as well as a second industrial site in the vicinity.

V. Commercial Price
$ 30 000 000.

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