Investment Partnership

Our company offers a service for the creation and support of corporate investment funds for our clients:
We will also help you to choose the object of investment and develop the optimal mechanism of interaction between the client company and the venture fund:

Joint Investment

We offer the service of organizing a corporate investment fund.

The company's experts have successful experience in creating and servicing funds and are ready to help clients organize their business in accordance with the objectives through joint investment instruments.

Business Owners Key Questions

  • How to efficiently and reliably build cash flow within the company?
  • How to safely conduct a transaction for the acquisition or sale of a business and minimize costs?
  • How to take advantage of tax incentives available under the conditions of Ukrainian tax legislation?
  • How to reorganize your business to comply with the new Anti-Profit Exit Rules (BEPS)?

Adаpt to New Legislation

On January 1, 2021, the norms of the new legislation on the control of foreign companies (CFC), adopted on the basis of the International program to combat the removal of income from taxation (BEPS), came into force in Ukraine. The new legislation will be a serious incentive for large Ukrainian businesses to abandon the services of offshore companies and reorganize their business in the form of a corporate fund in order to optimize their tax liabilities.

An investment fund allows investors to receive income that is provided by financial markets, or any that is not available to everyone individually.

Joint Investment Benefits

In any area of ​​business, be it manufacturing, construction, information technology, agriculture or raw materials processing, it is the joint investment tools that will allow your company to:

Funds & Profit

Attract new investments and increase your profits in upmost fast and effective way

Profit Reinvestment

Expand business opportunities by reinvesting the earned profit

Funds Distribution

Effectively distribute funds in an organized structure of companies

Arrange Acquisition or Sale

Arrange acquisition/sale transactions via investment fund, reduce sale tax liabilities by paying dividends

Our Fund Management Services

Invest.UA provides a wide range of fund management services:
  • Consulting on JII  joint investment institutions
  • Creation of AMC  asset management companies
  • Creation of CIF  corporate investment funds
  • Sale of CIF  ready-made corporate investment funds
  • Administration with the help of AMC of all types of CIF activities

Venture Investment

Our company is actively involved in venture capital investment.

Clear Entering Market Strategy

We understand that venture capital investments are investments with a high degree of risk in promising projects or growing companies that do not have their own funds to implement new and unusual ideas. Our company, having a young and strong team, provides the venture investor with a clear strategy for entering the market and understanding the target audience.

We Offer Just-Invest Projects

The venture investor does not need to change the internal organization of the enterprise; we select only those projects that lack only investments for a successful market entry.

We consider the following business areas to be the most interesting areas for investment:

Profitable Investment Areas

  • Corporate rights (shares, stakes in authorized capital) of operating legal entities with ownership of assets
  • Commercial and agricultural land
  • Construction in progress
  • Commercial real estate
  • Production and processing facilities
  • Infrastructure facilities
  • IT, AR / VR, cyber security and machine learning
  • Marketplaces
  • Medicine
  • Mobile applications
  • Education
  • E-commerce
  • Financial & tech
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