We are a company to have been successfully preparing, supporting and administering the clients who are the participants in the ProZorro electronic auctions system for a long time.

To carry out the aforesaid activities, we received the appropriate accreditation with the ProZorro system for all categories of auctions, as well as we got the official permission to act so issued by the fund for guaranteeing deposits of individuals.

Electronic public procurement system ProZorro

One of positive changes for better business environment operation has become the implementation of the electronic public procurement system ProZorro – the one which makes it all transparent and allows for all kinds of businesses participation in public procurement; less red tape and no more “connections matter” context!

What is ProZorro?

The ProZorro system was created by the state with the aim to trade its property in strict compliance with the law requirements and legal procedure that is to exclude any illegal operation and corruption.

This electronic auctions system allows for the legal purchase of property belonging to the state of Ukraine, e.g. how soon or when it will be for sale. All the information at ProZorro database is open and accessible to everyone. A customer has just to register with one of the accredited marketplaces, choose a particular object and take part in the auction itself.

Privatization in Ukraine is in Full Swing

At present the privatization process is going on in Ukraine. The privatization of the state objects is carried out through ProZorro auction system.

The system is reliably protected, so no one has the opportunity to fraudulently influence the course of the auction.

Get the access from anywhere in the world to the system as soon as an electronic auction is there, to acquire your unique property previously owned either by state or by individuals, just like the below shortlisted opportunities:

  • Commercial and residential property/real estate
  • Land plots
  • Office and business centers
  • Shopping outlets and entertainment centers
  • Hotel complexes
  • Warehouse or logistic complex facilities
  • Dairies
  • Gas stations
  • Elevators
  • Vegetable storage
  • Service stations
  • Corporate asset packages
  • Official permits/Licenses for mineral resources extraction
  • Agricultural machinery
  • Water craft and aircraft, etc.

Payment Options in Ukraine

Our team creates optimal conditions for the client for making payments within Ukraine with the following options to choose from:

  • Directly from the company / non-resident сlient
  • By creation of a subsidiary company in Ukraine for a non-resident client
  • By creation of a representative office in Ukraine for a non-resident client

The final payment option is defined with the client depending on the specifics of the particular object itself.

Why Us

Our team includes thorough professionals who are well-versed in the Ukrainian legislation and who have all the necessary experience to fully facilitate the process of participation in the auction for you and make it as much comfortable as possible.

What We Do

For which purpose our Company will perform like follows:

  • Prepare all the necessary documentation as per the active Ukrainian legal requirements to participate in electronic auctions as above
  • Provide analytics of the object/facility put up for auction
  • Working out a strategic plan for winning the auction
  • Assist & support during the electronic auction
  • After winning the auction, collect all the necessary documentation in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine for registration of ownership for the client

We’d love to help you to become the auction winner!
Request a manager or visit our marketplace.

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