Investment Consulting

Investment consulting is one of the main services provided by our company in the Ukrainian and foreign markets.

The work of our specialists is to research, evaluate and analyze in detail the assets to justify the prospects for business development.

Before starting the process of entering the foreign investment market, our company recommends all its clients to conduct a financial and legal audit of the entity and develop an appropriate strategy with a phased plan for the implementation of such.

Our Knowledge at Your Service

Investment consulting makes it possible to make the right choice of the method to attract external financing, will help in a quick and correct search for a future investment partner, will help to structure all capital raising operations and carry out the necessary operation without additional economic and legal risks.
  • Strategy to attract financing
  • Find investment partners
  • Structure capital operations
  • Manage various risks

ABC Consulting Route

When providing services, our experts will consider all the specifics of the national market, benchmark the industry, as well as the financial, human and technological potential of the client’s company based on the location of the investment entity, available raw material stock, logistics capabilities, geopolitical and weather conditions of the region.

Analysis of the Financial and Economic Status

  • will make it possible to determine the volume of attracted funds
  • understand the degree of attractiveness of a given facility/entity in the investment market

Investment Value Determination

  • after conducting a financial and economic analysis
  • our company offers an investment evaluation of the business
  • with the goal to determine the investment value of the entity

Financial Planning of the Business Activities

  • will allow determining the most optimal ways to attract investments
  • modeling the subsequent economic activity after the process of raising capital

Four Pre-Investment Steps

At the stage of preparing a project for attracting investments, a comprehensive expertise will help eliminate legal, financial and organizational aspects that can significantly reduce the investment attractiveness for the client if it is incorrectly estimated and significantly affect the investor's decision-making, or the amount of investment.

1. Legal audit

Conducting an internal comprehensive legal analysis of the organization

2. profitability audit

Proper verification of the financial condition, profitability and costs of the client

3. Tax audit

Analysis of opportunities to minimize obligations to pay mandatory payments and all kinds of risks

4. Assets Assessment

Technical assessment of the fixed assets of the investment entity

Investment Attractiveness

To attract a strategic investor, it is necessary to ensure the investment attractiveness and transparency of the client’s business (entity).

Preparation is crucial

The success of investment activities depends on how well the business and the project are prepared to attract investment capital.

Sale Transaction Support

As part of the provision of investment consulting services, we provide assistance in support and execution of transactions for the sale of businesses, projects and individual objects.

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