Investment Banking

In the course of providing services, our clients are often interested in new investment entities.

We provide an investment banking services in attracting financing, buying and selling companies, restructuring and increasing the value of the business.

Want to Buy or Sell a Particular Business?

Investment in Ukraine

The interest in attractive properties both in Ukraine and abroad is quite understandable.

Despite the pandemic, latest lockdown challenges and issues, as well as irrespective of all issues connected to economic downturn, capital investment in the IT industry in Ukraine, for instance, for the year of 2020 increased up to USD 571 million. And 2021 should become even more active for Ukraine in terms of attracting investment. Despite substantial investments not every company succeeds.

Competition Creates Opportunities

Many companies cannot withstand the realities of tough competition and are forced to

  • Put up non-core assets for sale
  • Reduce their presence in some sectors of the economy
  • Go for the coordinated implementation of credit facilities
  • Even sell corporate rights of successful enterprises upon termination of doing business in Ukraine

We Find Valuable Assets

By maintaining well-established relationships and constant market analysis, our company is ready to provide an effective search for undervalued assets:

Profitable Assets

We offer clients to get acquainted with our current base of investment attractive assets.

  • Corporate rights (shares, stakes in authorized capital) of operating legal entities with ownership of assets
  • Commercial land
  • Construction in progress
  • Commercial real estate
  • Production facilities and processing
  • Infrastructure facilities
  • IT, AR / VR, cyber security and machine learning
  • Marketplaces
  • Medicine
  • Mobile applications
  • Education
  • E-commerce
  • Financial & tech

Turnkey Projects: Step-by-Step Assistance

Owing to the experience in global markets and an understanding of the local conditions, our team will assist our clients investing in a successful and guaranteed business or facility with maximum efficiency.

Invest.UA experts consult clients and provide full support at all stages of project preparation; for turnkey proposals, they create detailed presentations for in-depth study.

We Will Find Assets You Like

Our specialists consult clients to do the research of the requested entities as for their specifics and provide alternative options as well as we conduct a presentation of the already active entities for the in-depth acquaintance with the offer.

Want to Sell Your Business?

In the course of pre-sale preparation and execution of transactions, our team will evaluate the entity in benefits for clients.

Advanced search options
Assets presentation
Objects assessing
Sale & purchase transactions

Want to Sell or Buy a Business?

Please, fill in the form with major details of your business you want to sell or investment project you want to find:

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