Crisis Management

Our company focuses on overcoming threats to the financial stability of the client's business.

We analyze the economic situation of business representatives, and develop a step-by-step plan to stabilize their activities.

Anti-Crisis Activities

Invest.UA specialists are engaged in overcoming the threat to the financial stability and finding solutions to improve the financial performance of our clients in crisis situations.

Our anti-crisis management package

  • Analysis of possible reasons for the appearance of signs of financial instability
  • Internal audit of the financial and economic condition and legal registration of the project
  • Search for ways to optimize and restructure the economic activities of the entity
  • Development of a step-by-step plan to stabilize activities and renew solvency
  • Anti-crisis management actions undertaking and strict control over their implementation
  • Undertakings to minimize and mitigate any negative outcome after adopted management decisions
  • Efficient solutions and management initiatives implementation to stabilize
  • Implementing professional budgetary policy and forecasting future actions
  • Training, selection and motivation of the company's team

Flexibility and Alertness Against Intricacy

We adapt to rapid changes in the investment climate and find effective solutions to stabilize the situation even in the most difficult conditions.

Every Project is Exposed to Risks

Analyzing the economic situation of business representatives and private investors conducting economic activities in Ukraine in recent years, we can say with confidence that even the most stable and secured projects are being currently exposed to economic, financial, legal, tax, geopolitical, natural and other risks.
This state of affairs has deteriorated sharply in connection with the latest events in our country, which led to a number of bankruptcies, loss of assets and the withdrawal from the domestic market of many companies, including international groups.

We Specialize on Stabilization Solutions

In the setting as described above, our team was forced to join the process of stabilization and search for solutions to improve the financial performance of clients, search for new sales markets, optimize taxation and labor relations of legal entities, re-profile production, and make cardinal management decisions.

Business is a Game with Changing Rules

Many people forget that the business world is developing and changing the conditions of the game at an ever faster pace and that all players in this market must change along with it, making fundamental decisions in order to further develop.

Additional Costs Management

Often, managers and owners of enterprises do not pay attention to the additional costs incurred by their project in the course of their activities. This is due to the unwillingness to change the foundations formed by many years of successful work and ignorance of a possible range of financial and legal instruments that will help preserve and increase the capital.

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