Asset Management

We provide services for professional management of real estate, investments and other financial assets of the client in order to increase their value in the market.

Invest.UA specialists conduct financial and legal audit and ensure the process of operation, maintenance and modernization of assets in the most cost-effective way.

Asset Management done right

Over the years, Invest.UA has cooperated with many foreign and Ukrainian investors and implemented a number of successful projects to improve the overall efficiency of companies. Our team provides services for managing various types of assets, including real estate, securities and stocks, in order for investors to make a profit.

Unique investment strategies

Our aim is to pick up an individual and unique investment strategy for each client, in accordance with the needs of a particular customer and his goal.

At each stage of work with the project, our specialists conduct consultations and prepare recommendations for clients to determine further directions of asset development and increase the owner's income from owning it. We offer:

  • professional management of the client's assets at all stages of work with the project
  • finding and attracting new investors to the project, as well as ways of financing
  • creation of an individual strategy for the development of an asset with a long-term perspective
  • legal support of the asset and the client in accordance with current legislation
  • analysis of potential risks and development of a step-by-step plan for project implementation to enter both foreign and Ukrainian investment markets
  • developing business practices to support strategic decision-making in the investment environment
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