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We can help you find businesses in Ukraine, that have products and services you are looking for and which are valued all over the world.

Our company will help at all stages in establishing trade relations and become a reliable partner for you.

Ukraine is ready to trade with You!

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Why buy from Ukraine

Ukraine is known worldwide for its export potential. It exports products of agriculture, food, woodworking, chemical, pharmaceutical, machine-building, metallurgical and light industries, as well as products in other areas of production.

Our company will help you to find products according to your requests.

What we can do:

  • determine the best supplier, his reliability and quality of his products;
  • analyze the market prices offered by suppliers and offer the best option for you
  • prepare all necessary export documentation (certificates of quality, origin etc.)
  • control the process of production, loading, delivery of products, as well as customs clearance;
  • become your trading partner, minimizing all risks of export operations
  • protect your interests in case of disputes

We connect You with ukrainian producers to establish profitable trade relations. Let us know what products or services you are looking for, and our company will find a reliable business partner for You.

The following is a short list of products and services in various industries that may be of interest to you:

Food Industry

  • animal products (meat, milk, eggs, cheese, etc.)
  • herbal products
  • canned food
  • confectionery and flour products
  • honey


  • grains and legumes
  • herbal plants
  • fodder and industrial crops
  • vegetables and fruits
  • berries


  • vodka
  • brandy
  • sparkling wines
  • wine
  • beer

Wood processing

  • furniture
  • wood
  • services for the production of wood products
  • fuel briquettes and pellets

Light industry

  • textile products
  • clothes
  • tailoring of products to order
  • raw materials for light industry


  • metallurgical
  • pharmaceutical
  • energy
  • chemical
  • mechanical engineering

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