Which cities were the most active in renting out property at ProZorro

Which cities were the most active in renting out property at ProZorro

Дата публікації: 13-08-2021

In the second quarter of 2021, Kyiv, Mykolaiv and Energodar topped the ranking of cities that leased property through online auctions ProZorro.

According to the analytical module ProZorro.Sales, the rating was headed by the city of Energodar in the Zaporozhye region with a total score of 1.94. In the second quarter, the city announced 17 auctions, 16 of which were successful. The competitiveness indicator at the auction was 2.06. According to the results of successful auctions, Energodar will receive almost 100 thousand hryvnias per month.

In second place was Nikolaev with a score of 1.70. The average competition rate is 1.67. In the second quarter, the city announced 27 auctions, of which 24 were successful. Due to this, the city earns more than 64 thousand UAH / month.

Kyiv closes the top three in the ranking for the second quarter in a row with a total score of 1.69. The city announced 323 auctions, of which 237 were successful. The competition rate is 1.96. The total income that the capital receives from the lease of property as a result of successful bidding is almost UAH 3 million / month.

The rating showed that in the second quarter of 2021, the ProZorro system will be used throughout Ukraine. In addition, the number of auctions also increased - from 1.8 thousand to almost 3 thousand.

According to the director of ProZorro.Sales Oleksiy Sobolev, the rent brings tens of millions of hryvnias a month to the city budgets.

How the rating is formed

  1. To calculate the rating, the indicators that most show the effectiveness of auctions are selected, namely: the percentage of successful bidding and the level of competition relative to the leading city in this quarter.
  2. The ranking includes cities that have held at least 10 successful auctions in the quarter.
  3. The maximum rate of competition in the second quarter of 2021 was 2.06 bids, compared to all other cities.
  4. For reference, they added the approximate amount of income that the city receives each month (usually rent auctions are held for a period of 5 years), as well as the percentage of the average price increase at the auction in the city.
  5. The indicator of the area leased by the city is not taken into account, because in this case, large cities would receive an advantage and more points, because they have a lot of space for rent.

What else did the ranking of cities for the second quarter of 2021 show

For the first time, Svitlovodsk in the Kirovohrad region was included in the ranking of cities and immediately found itself on the fourth step with a total score of 1.64. 8 of the city's 11 auctions were successful this quarter, and the average competition was 1.88.

Also, for the first time in the entire period of rating formation following the results of the 2nd quarter, Odessa took the 15th place. Of the 36 announced lease auctions, 30 were successful and the average competition was 1.27.

In the top 10 in the second quarter were two new cities - Netishyn and Tsuman, which were in 8th and 10th places, respectively. Chernivtsi managed to improve their results (rose from 7 to 5 steps), Ivano-Frankivsk (from 22 to 6), Horishni Plavny (from 27 to 7) and Zhytomyr (from 16 to 9).

Lease of property through auctions

Landlords may announce auctions for the transfer of property for rent, auctions for the extension of the lease agreement, enter in the register information about the objects included in lists 1 and 2, download into the system information message on the transfer of property for rent without auction, upload contracts leases concluded under the old legislation.

What can be rented through auctions

  1. Buildings, structures, complexes of buildings, premises, other real estate;
  2. single property complexes;
  3. vehicles;
  4. equipment and facilities;
  5. other separate individually identified property.

Who can be a landlord?

  1. State Property Fund of Ukraine, its regional branches and representative offices;
  2. bodies authorized by local self-government bodies - subdivisions of executive bodies of local councils;
    local councils;
  3. state and communal enterprises, institutions and organizations;
  4. state enterprise for ensuring the functioning of diplomatic missions and consular posts of foreign states, missions of
  5. international intergovernmental organizations in Ukraine of the State Administration of Affairs;
  6. National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and national branch academies of sciences;
  7. other persons in accordance with industry legislation.

Who can rent state and communal property

The ProZorro.Sales system allows everyone, both individuals and legal entities, to participate in the auctions, provided they register on the site and fulfill all the necessary conditions for participation.

Source: ProZorro

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