The European Union will issue green bonds worth 250 billion euros

The European Union will issue green bonds worth 250 billion euros

Дата публікації: 07-09-2021

The European Commission plans to conduct the first issue of green bonds in October 2021, the total amount of which will reach 250 billion euros.

«The EU's intention to issue green bonds of 250 billion euros by the end of 2026 will make us the largest issuer of green bonds in the world. It also expresses our commitment to sustainability and puts sustainable funding at the forefront of the EU's recovery efforts (from the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic),» said EU Budget Commissioner Johannes Hahn.

On September 7, the mechanism of functioning of green bonds was approved in Brussels. He must ensure that the funds raised will go to "green" projects, and the European Commission will report on their impact on the environment.

In July, the European Commission presented a strategy for sustainable financing to combat climate change, the European Standard for Green Bonds, and adopted delegated regulations on the disclosure by financial and non-financial companies of information on the degree of stability of their activities.

In 2020, the total capacity of renewable electricity facilities increased by 22% and reached 8.5 GW. According to the Ministry of Energy, the overestimated in comparison with the market tariff for energy from renewable sources (RES) leads to significant and problematic for Ukraine payments to investors, which are estimated at $ 10-20 billion by 2029.

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