Zaporizhiaoblenergo is a 60.3% state-owned company that distributes electricity in the Zaporizhia region (area: 27,200; households: 1.8m). The company is a natural monopolist in the region in the power distribution sector.

The region is one of the most favorable for the development of electricity production from alternative sources, in particular solar, wind and hydro generation. The company owns over 37,300 km of grid connections with voltage of 154-0.4 kW, including 21 districts of electric grids and department of maintenance and building repair and repairing units. The largest consumer groups are households, industrial, municipality and non-industrial objects.

The company provides services to 759 thsd households and industrial consumers in the following sectors: metallurgy, chemicals, machinery, agriculture, gas. Key industrial consumers are: Zaporizhia ferroalloy plant, Zaporizhstal, Dniprospetsstal, Zaporizhkoks, Ukrainian graphite, etc.

In 2018, 60.3% of the company's shares were transferred to the State Property Fund. The remaining shares are distributed between: Leks Perfecta Limited (16.52%), Bikontia Enterprises Limited (12.31%) and other shareholders (10.92%).

The company has a supervisory board that consists of 7 people, including four representatives of the State Property fund, three representatives of Leks Perfecta Limited.

Oil Refinery & Extraction Plant in Zaporizhzhia region

For Sale: Oil Refinery/Extraction Plant in Zaporizhzhia region. An oil extraction plant is offered for sale. Located in Zaporizka oblast (region). The production capacity of the plant for input raw materials makes 18,000 tons per month. The refinery has been operating since 2011; in August 2014, a workshop for oil extraction was put into operation.