Chemical Industry Plant PJSC “Sumykhimprom”

Large energy and chemical complex of PJSC "Sumykhimprom" is for sale. The Company is located in the northeast of Ukraine. Major activity of the enterprise is the production of complex mineral fertilizers, coagulants and additives to cement, acid, titanium dioxide and pigments and other types of chemical products. PJSC "Sumykhimprom" enjoys the status of the principal Ukrainian chemical manufacturing company – supplier of phosphorus mineral fertilizers.

Production Facilities:

Industrial Activities:

In 2017 the output of the complex made 40.2 thousand tons of titanium dioxide, 120.4 thousand tons of mineral fertilizers of various brands, 234.8 thousand tons of sulfuric acid, 45.3 thousand tons of ferrous sulfate, and 2.2 thousand tons of yellow iron oxide pigment.

Capital Products by the Company:

Agricultural company with 6700 hectares in Sumy region

For Sale: Acting agricultural company with a land bank of 6,7 thds hectares in Sumy region The operating enterprise is engaged in cultivation of agricultural crops in the Sumy region. Land bank is well localized – 15 km max between land plots.