The Radyvylivsky baked goods integrated production plant

BRANCH: Agriculture



The Radyvylivsky Baked Goods Integrated Production Plant is a currently active operating enterprise in the Rivne region, the company provides its regular services like follows: reception, cleaning, drying, storage and shipment of cereals and legumes, as well as it produces wheat flour and semolina.

The total capacity of the elevator reaches 99,700 tons. The capacity of concrete silos is 81,000 tons, while its floor storage warehouses accept 18,700 tons.


Elevator Equipment Technical Specification:

- Grain acceptance volume, from vehicles: 1,500 tons per day.

- Grain shipping volume, by car: 1,000 tons per day.

- Grain acceptance volume, by rail: 1,000 tons per day.

- Grain shipping capacity, by rail: 1,440 tons per day.

- Drying equipment productivity: 32 tons per hour.

Flour mill performance:

- Flour milling line №1: 120 tons per day.

- Flour milling line №2: 290 tons per day.

- Flour milling line №3: 15 tons per day.

- Fodder plant: 420 tons per day.

The company utilizes its own certified laboratory to check the quality of grain, goods and ready-made products.