The Poltavsky baked goods integrated production plant

BRANCH: Agriculture



The Poltavsky Baked Goods Integrated Production Plant is located in the city of Poltava. The company provides services of the reception, cleaning, drying, storage and shipment of cereals, as well as produces semolina, soft wheat flour, durum wheat flour, bran, flour bran, and whole meal flour.

The total capacity of the elevator owned by the company reaches 24,000 tons.

The storage capacity of the concrete silos is 9,000 tons, while floor storage warehouses capacity makes 15,000 tons.


Operating capacity of the facility in detail:

- Grain acceptance volume, by vehicles: 500 tons per day.

- Grain shipping volume, by rail: 700 tons per day, 2 pick-up points.

- Grain shipping volume, by car: 500 tons per day.

- Transporting capability: 100 tons per hour.

- Treatment equipment capacity: 100 tons per hour.

The company has its own certified laboratory to check the quality of grain and goods.