Modern plant of modified fats in the city of Kropyvnytskyi

The existing plant to produce modified fats utilizing its advanced production equipment is offered for sale. The plant facilities enjoy their central part of Ukraine location, in the city of Kropyvnytsky, which fact provides for competitive advantages while supplying finished products throughout Ukraine, as well as for export to other countries, especially through the seaports of Ukraine.

Plant Capacity:

100 tons of high-quality modified fats per 24 hrs.

Main Production Facilities and Structures:

Principal Manufacturing Equipment:

Other Production Cycle Facilities:

Land Profile:

The plot is leased until 2030. The total area is 4 000,7 hectares.


UAH 66, 031, 079.

Plant for the production of spreads and soft margarines

A modern factory for the production of spreads and soft margarines is offered for sale. Production facilities located in the Kirovohrad region are focused on the production of vegetable-milk pastes, vegetable-milk mixtures and spreads. The complex uses the technology of a closed production cycle, from receiving raw materials to obtaining the finished product, which is provided by a system of pipelines, transport elements and tanks.

Total Area:

Total land plot area makes 1,147, 555 ha.

Production Facilities and Structures:

Technical Features:

Communications and Supply:



UAH 47, 618, 515.