State Enterprise Conglomerate Bakery Facility Novopokrovsky Kombinat Khliboproduktiv (KkHP)

Novopokrovsky KkHP now is a modern, highly mechanized, automated enterprise engaged in the production of flour, feed, drying and storage of grain, providing services for delivery of products to different regions of Ukraine, as well as supplier to other countries. Production facilities are located in the Kharkiv region.

Products & Services:

- Flour (premium, first grade, dietary), (packing in paper bags of 1,2 kg, 5, 10, 25, 50 kg);

- Semolina (packing in paper bags of 1 kg and bags of 25, 50 kg);

- Wheat bran;

- Pellets from sunflower husk;

- Compound feed for farm animals and fish;

- Services for receiving, cleaning, drying, storage and shipment of grain.

Production Facilities:

Integral Parts of the Conglomerate:

Land Profile – 17, 0578 ha.

State Enterprise (SE) «Elektrovazhmash»

The state enterprise "Electrovazhmash" is offered for sale, the main activity of which is the design and production of turbo generators, hydro generators, large DC machines, complete traction electrical equipment for urban and railway electric transport. The company supplies its products and services to more than 50 countries.


City of Kharkiv

Land profile:

Active Production Facilities:

Products and Services:

- Turbo generators for thermal and nuclear power plants;

- Hydro generators for hydroelectric power plants;

- Large electric machines;

- Traction equipment for locomotives, trams, trolleybuses, subway cars, heavy trucks, electric locomotives;

- Testing center services;

- Service support services.

All products are subject to be designed as per customers request and meet the IEC requirements 34-1, 34-2, 34-3, 34-4, 34-5, 34-6, 34-8 і VDE-0530.

Average workforce involved:

3 769.

State share of 65% in the JSC “Kharkivoblenergo”

Joint-stock company "Kharkivoblenergo" is engaged in distribution of the electric power and rendering of commercial metering of energy supply services for the entire city of Kharkiv and the Kharkiv area. The company's customers list includes more than 33,000 legal entities and more than 1.2 million households.

Customer-oriented Structure to supply:
1) 40% - residents;
2) 14% - housing and community servicing enterprises;
3) 12% - industrial enterprises;
4) 6% - budget organizations;
5) 3% - consumers from agricultural sector;
6) 25% - other categories of electricity consumers.

Production Facilities and Industrial Capacity:

Owned Land Profile:

Structural Units:

Biggest Consumers:
• Kharkivvodokanal Municipal Enterprise;
• Kharkiv Heat Networks Municipal Enterprise;
• Kharkiv Metro Municipal Enterprise;
• Municipal Enterprise Miskelektrotransservis;
• SE “Electrovazhmash Plant”;
• SE “Plant named after V.O. Malisheva ”;
• PJSC “Turboatom” and others.