The Nepolokovetsky baked goods integrated production plant

BRANCH: Agriculture



The Nepolokovetsky Baked Goods Integrated Production Plant is a currently active operating enterprise that provides services like follows: reception, cleaning, drying, storage and shipment of cereals and legumes, as well as the company produce wheat flour and semolina for the Chernivtsi region. The total capacity of the elevator reaches 48,000 tons.


Operating capacity of the facility in detail:

- Grain acceptance volume, by vehicles: via 2 lines, 2500 tons per day.

- Transporting capability: 80 tons per hour.

- Grain acceptance volume, by rail: 2000 tons per day.

- Grain dryer productivity: 32 tons per hour.

- Treatment equipment capacity: 100 tons per hour.

- Shipping volume, by road: 400 tons per day.

- Grain shipping volume, by rail: 6 cars per day.

The company has scales for weighing cars and rail transport.

The company utilizes its own certified laboratory to check the quality of grain and goods.

The facility holds 2nd place in the Chernivtsi region as for its elevator capacity.

Also, the elevator here is one of the 3 elevators that provide services for shipment of goods by rail. This is one of the benefits, since Ukraine and the region the Factory is located, lack of elevator capacities.