The nizhynsky baked goods integrated production plant

BRANCH: Agriculture



The Nizhynsky Baked Goods Integrated Production Plant is a currently active operating enterprise in the Chernihiv region to provide regular services as follows: reception, cleaning, drying, storage and shipment of cereals and legumes, as well as the company produces wheat flour of the first and second grades, sown rye flour, peeled, and bran.

The total capacity of the facility’s elevator reaches 25,600 tons.


Operating capacity of the facility in detail:

- Grain acceptance volume, by vehicles: 400 tons per day.

- Acceptance capacity, by rail: 300 tons per day.

- Shipping volume, by car: 350 tons per day.

- Grain shipping volume, by rail: 300 tons per day.

- Dryer productivity: 50 tons per hour.

The company has its own certified laboratory to check the quality of grain, goods and ready-made products.