Quality, uniqueness and reliability: the main advantages of exporting products from Ukraine

Quality, uniqueness and reliability: the main advantages of exporting products from Ukraine

Дата публікації: 07-10-2021

Drastic changes in the global economy, caused by significant constraints due to the coronavirus pandemic, are forcing companies around the world to reconsider their business models.

Alternative approach in doing business also applies to Ukrainian producers, who are seeking to explore new markets. Until now, buyers and importers used to consider specific requirements as for the quality, while formulating or seeking a quote. However, the situation has changed over the last year. Buyers now pay much more attention to the reliability of suppliers, product quality and further cooperation opportunities, with the expansion of the range prospects in mind.

Given all this, let us relay our experts point on what are the main advantages of exporting products from Ukraine.

Resource opportunities. Ukraine is the one of main suppliers of food products and agricultural products to the world market. Ukrainian enterprises are extensively shifting from the supply of raw materials to the creation of a finished product. It is the observance of product quality requirements, at a competitive price level, that makes it possible to supply our own products both to the market of developed countries and to markets that continue to develop.
Logistics issues. Favorable dispisition creates competitive advantages for Ukrainian businesses. This provides for the development of sales and production chains creation with companies from around the world. Importers from EU are seriously considering products from Ukraine as those to play major competitors in quality and at the same time remain considerably inexpensive while compared to their EU rivals.

Strategic partnership. The threat of insufficient food supply and safety is being increased year by year.That is why products of Ukrainian origin can help meet demand in different markets around the world, making food and other products more affordable.

The uniqueness of the offer. The changes caused by the global coronavirus pandemic have led to increased demand for higher quality products with unique properties. That is why Ukrainian producers occupy new niches, creating products with unique characteristics, especially in the field of food. At the same time, the development of information technology and the creative industry provide new tools and approaches for communication and the creation of new products that can meet current demand in a particular market.

Openness to cooperation. Obtaining an association agreement with Ukraine from the EU creates preconditions for Ukrainian companies to export their own products to the markets of these countries. Ukrainian producers and suppliers entering the develiped countries markets indicates the improved Ukrainian products quality. At the same time, companies from EU opt to consider Ukrainian companies as their strategic partners for the supply of both finished products and raw materials for their own production.

Reliable partnership. Due to the fact that more and more countries are interested in Ukrainian high-quality products, there is a significant demand for it. That is why the Invest.UA specialists actively collaborate with export-minded customers and suppliers from Ukraine to establish reliable trade relationships between them in a variety of fields: from food products such as honey or meat to wood and metal products. The team of experts not only has a thorough understanding of Ukrainian legislation to minimize the risks of export operations, but also enjoys their profound domestic market expertise and insights, which allow to identify highly reliable suppliers shortlist to satisfy and meet customers' needs.

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