Modern plant of modified fats in the city of Kropyvnytskyi

The existing plant to produce modified fats utilizing its advanced production equipment is offered for sale. The plant facilities enjoy their central part of Ukraine location, in the city of Kropyvnytsky, which fact provides for competitive advantages while supplying finished products throughout Ukraine, as well as for export to other countries, especially through the seaports of Ukraine.

Plant Capacity:

100 tons of high-quality modified fats per 24 hrs.

Main Production Facilities and Structures:

Principal Manufacturing Equipment:

Other Production Cycle Facilities:

Land Profile:

The plot is leased until 2030. The total area is 4 000,7 hectares.


UAH 66, 031, 079.

Plant for the production of spreads and soft margarines

A modern factory for the production of spreads and soft margarines is offered for sale. Production facilities located in the Kirovohrad region are focused on the production of vegetable-milk pastes, vegetable-milk mixtures and spreads. The complex uses the technology of a closed production cycle, from receiving raw materials to obtaining the finished product, which is provided by a system of pipelines, transport elements and tanks.

Total Area:

Total land plot area makes 1,147, 555 ha.

Production Facilities and Structures:

Technical Features:

Communications and Supply:



UAH 47, 618, 515.

Active Solar Power Plant (SPP) 2/2,158 MW with “Green” tariff rate activated

1. Project Description:

Currently in operation SPP with 2 / 2,158 MW capacity for sale; the Project was launched in April 2020, now in active efficient use with activated "Green" 2019 tariff.

2. Location:

Lviv oblast (region), Zhydachivskyi rayon (district), urban-type settlement Hnezdychiv.

3. Area profile:

Land area under the project is 4 hectares. Subject to pp. 14.01: "Energy lands for the placement, construction, operation and maintenance of buildings and structures of facilities of power generating enterprises, institutions and organizations (power plants using wind, solar and other sources)"

4. Capacity:

2(АС)/2,158(DC) MW

5. Average Power Generation:

2 500 000 kwh

6. Available Official Documentation & Works Fulfilled:

- Declaration of readiness for operation of the facility dated December 3, 2019, No. 141193370616;

- License for electricity generation;

- Active "Green" tariff for a period of 10 years;

- Implemented external network connection.

8. Profit (excluding VAT):

€ 375,000 per year;

€ 3,750,000 over 10 years.

9. Earnings from “Green” tariff 2020:

€ 100,000 per year.

10. Payback period:

6 years.

11. Equipment:

- Photovoltaic cells (polycrystalline) DAH Solar (Half Cell) HCP72-330 – 3232 pcs;

- Seraphim Solar (Half Sell) SRP-330-BPA – 3310 pcs;

- Inverters Huawei SUN2000-60KTL-M0 – 30 pcs;

- Inverters Huawei SUN2000-17KTL – 1 pcs.

12. Facility Cost:

$2, 510, 000.

Newly built grain terminal

For sale: a modern newly-built grain terminal. The port’s capacity 4 mln mt can see a 7x expansion. The port terminal accepts trucks and rail transport.

The total area of the land plot: 89 ha.

– Developed area – 9 ha

– In development – 4 ha

– Area for prospective development – 74 ha

Capacity of the complex:

Total storage capacity: 206,000 mt

– Floor storage warehouses: 90,000 mt x 2 pcs (220 m x 53 m each)

– Silo storage: 6,500 mt x 4 pcs

Advanced Silo Facility/Elevator Complex, Storage Capacity up to 67 760 ton, in Dnipro region

A modern complex silo facility of 67,760 ton storage capacity is offered for sale. The national annual growth of grain and leguminous crops gross growth provides for the preconditions for maximum loading of the elevator capacities and full supply of raw materials. The facility is located within 1 km from the Pereshchepino-Lychkovo highway, 4.5 km from the Buzovka railway station in the village Lychkovo, and the passage of the railway at a distance of 160 m from the elevator, which disposition makes for a significant competitive advantages list, especially in the field of logistics.

Oil Refinery & Extraction Plant in Zaporizhzhia region

For Sale: Oil Refinery/Extraction Plant in Zaporizhzhia region. An oil extraction plant is offered for sale. Located in Zaporizka oblast (region). The production capacity of the plant for input raw materials makes 18,000 tons per month. The refinery has been operating since 2011; in August 2014, a workshop for oil extraction was put into operation.

Agricultural company with 6700 hectares in Sumy region

For Sale: Acting agricultural company with a land bank of 6,7 thds hectares in Sumy region The operating enterprise is engaged in cultivation of agricultural crops in the Sumy region. Land bank is well localized – 15 km max between land plots.