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State Enterprise (SE) «Elektrovazhmash»

State Enterprise (SE) «Elektrovazhmash»


The state enterprise "Electrovazhmash" is offered for sale, the main activity of which is the design and production of turbo generators, hydro generators, large DC machines, complete traction electrical equipment for urban and railway electric transport. The company supplies its products and services to more than 50 countries.


City of Kharkiv

Land profile:

  • In usage – 67,9 ha;
  • Leased – 0,4 ha.

Active Production Facilities:

  • Electrical insulation and winding production;
  • Tool production;
  • Foundry production;
  • Welding production;
  • Test center and research (R&D) base;

Products and Services:

- Turbo generators for thermal and nuclear power plants;

- Hydro generators for hydroelectric power plants;

- Large electric machines;

- Traction equipment for locomotives, trams, trolleybuses, subway cars, heavy trucks, electric locomotives;

- Testing center services;

- Service support services.

All products are subject to be designed as per customers request and meet the IEC requirements 34-1, 34-2, 34-3, 34-4, 34-5, 34-6, 34-8 і VDE-0530.

Average workforce involved:

3 769.

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Business activity: SE «Electrovazhmash» designs, manufactures and supplies turbogenerators, hydrogenerators and large DC machines and traction electrical equipment for urban and railway electric transport to Ukraine and other countries.

Facilities: It is one of the largest enterprises in the CIS in its field, having electrical insulation, tooling, foundry and welding production, as well as testing and R&D facilities.

Average number of employees: 3769

Land plot: 

owned: 0 ha
in use: 67.9 ha
rented: 0.4 ha

Legal obligations: the company has overdue loan (UAH 592.7 million). The debt to Sberbank (UAH 515.3 million at the end of 2018) is the bulk of the company’s loan portfolio. The debt has not been restructured.

Additional information: company’s market share in 2018 was ~7.3%, or UAH 2.3 billion from UAH 32 billion of total production in the field of electrical equipment production in Ukraine (according to the State Statistics Service of Ukraine).

Share proposed for privatization: 100%

Starting price: ТВС

Ground square 68.3
Part Capital 100
Адреса об'єкта 61089, Харківська обл., м. Харків, Московський, 299
Вид об'єкту Великої приватизації єдиний майновий комплекс
Код ЄДРПОУ балансоутримувача 00032945
Основний вид економічної діяльності за КВЕД 27.11 Виробництво електродвигунів, генераторів і трансформаторів.
Орган управління ФДМУ
Код об'єкта (реєстровий номер) 00213121
Відповідальний за підготовку об'єкту ФДМУ
Акт, яким об'єкт включено до Переліку об'єктів приватизації Розпорядження КМУ від 16.01.2019 № 36-р
Наказ ФДМУ про прийняття рішення про приватизацію об'єкта від 08.06.2018 № 777
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