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Plant for the production of spreads and soft margarines

Plant for the production of spreads and soft margarines


A modern factory for the production of spreads and soft margarines is offered for sale. Production facilities located in the Kirovohrad region are focused on the production of vegetable-milk pastes, vegetable-milk mixtures and spreads. The complex uses the technology of a closed production cycle, from receiving raw materials to obtaining the finished product, which is provided by a system of pipelines, transport elements and tanks.

Total Area:

Total land plot area makes 1,147, 555 ha.

Production Facilities and Structures:

  • Shop for the production of spreads, with an area of 3,119.12 m2;
  • Warehouse of finished products and auxiliary materials, with an area of 1,212 m2;
  • Checkpoint - 20.1 m2.

Technical Features:

  • Boiler house, condenser unit, transformer substation, sewage pumping station, pumping station, drinking water tank, fire tank;
  • Production laboratory;
  • Fat storage for storage of fatty raw materials, with a capacity of 290 m3;
  • Warehouse, for 276 pallets, model “Drive In”, for storage of raw milk;
  • Different-temperature warehouses, for 1510 pallet places, model "Drive In", for storage of finished products.

Communications and Supply:

  • Natural gas;
  • Water supply from the city network;
  • Power supply;
  • Fat-trapping elements to prevent fats from entering the effluent;
  • Paved driveways and approaches.


  • Use of closed-loop production technology;
  • Favorable location of the complex near the highway of national importance Oleksandriya-Kirovohrad-Mykolayiv;
  • Availability of a large number of raw suppliers within the central part of Ukraine.


UAH 47, 618, 515.

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