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Odessa CHP is 99.9% state owned company that produces heat and electricity for the needs of Odessa with total installed capacity for electricity generation of 68 MW, capacity of thermal power supply of 505 Gcal/h and capacity of the boiler room of 274 Gcal/h.

The company is licensed to produce heat and electricity for the needs of Odessa city, providing more than 300,000 residents with thermal energy. Key consumers is households, budget organizations and other consumers. Odesa CHP located in the northern part of the city, near the sea commercial port and has a railway connection, the area of the territory is 117 hectares.

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Business activity: the company is licensed to produce heat and electricity for the needs of Odesa city (provides more than 300,000 residents with thermal energy; the total area of the heated housing stock exceeds 1.4 million sq.m.).

Facilities: Currently, the installed capacity of the CHP is 68 MW. All electricity is released into the Wholesale Electricity Market of Ukraine. The total installed thermal power of the CHP is 779 Gcal/h, including the thermal power plant 505 Gcal/h, the boiler room №2 of the thermal power plant 274 Gcal/h.

Average number of employees: 328

Land plot: 
owned: 0 ha
in use: 27.2 ha
rented: 0 ha

Legal obligations: the activity of the company is de facto funded by NJSC Naftogaz (gas debt is $46 million as of June 30, 2019)

Additional information: the operating workshops include: boiler turbine workshop, chemical shop, electric shop.

Share proposed for privatization: 99,9895%

Starting price: ТВС

Investment advisor: not selected

Ground square 27.2
Part Capital 99.9895
Object address 65003, Odessa region, Odessa city, Suvorov district, Tserkovna beehive, 29
Type of object of Great privatization block of shares
USREOU code of the balance holder 00032945
The main type of economic activity according to the NACE 35.13 Distribution of electricity. 35.11 Electricity generation.
Governing body SPFU
Object code (registration number) 05471158
Blocks of shares. % 99.9895
Responsible for the preparation of the object SPFU
The act by which the object is included in the List of privatization objects Order of the Cabinet of Ministers of 16.01.2019 № 36-r
SPFU order on decision-making on privatization of the object from 11.02.2019 № 135
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