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Mykolayivoblenergo is a 70% state-owned company that provides services of power transmission and distribution to consumers in the Mykolaiv region (area: 24,600 km.sq., households: 1.2m). The company is a natural regional monopolist in the power distribution sector.

The region itself has a powerful multi-sectoral industry, agro-industrial complex and developed infrastructure. The company owns a 24,709 km distribution network with voltage of 154-0.4 kW and 6,000 transformer substations. The company’s largest consumers are “Zorya-mashproekt”, “Ukrhimtransamiak”, “Ukrtransnafta”, “Snigurivka”, “Dikerhoff Cement Ukraine”, “Black Sea Shipyard”, “Bandurskiy oil extraction plant”.

In 2018, 70% of the company's shares were transferred to the State Property Fund. The remaining shares of 30% are owned by other shareholders. The company has a supervisory board that consists of 7 people, including five representatives of the State Property Fund and two representatives of “VS Energy International Ukraine”

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Business activity: Power transmission and distribution to consumers in the Mykolaiv region (500,000 consumers) – 40% households, 12% transit, 23% industry, 13% municipal, 12% commercial.

Facilities: The length of the distribution network with 154-0.4 kW voltage amounts to 24,709 km as of 01.01.2019. Power distribution volumes in 2018 amount to 2,609,758 ths. kWh (2.2% of total power distribution in Ukraine).

Average number of employees: 3297

Land plot: 
owned: 0 ha
in use: 857.1 ha
rented: 23.5 ha

Legal obligations: As of 31.12.2018 the company’s debt to SE “Energorynok” amounts to UAH 217 million. It was restructured with a planned maturity in 2023.

Additional information: The company is a natural monopolist in the region in the power distribution sector. Mykolaiv region is characterized by a powerful multi-sectoral industry, agro-industrial complex and developed infrastructure. Company reports in compliance with IFRS since 2012.

Share proposed for privatization: 70% (30% owned by other shareholders)

Starting price: ТВС

Investment advisor: not selected

Ground square 880.6
Part Capital 70
Object address
54017, Mykolaiv region, Mykolaiv, street Civil, 40.


Type of object of Great privatization
block of shares

USREOU code of the balance holder

The main type of economic activity according to the NACE
35.13 Distribution of electricity.

Governing body

Object code (registration number)

Blocks of shares. %

Responsible for the preparation of the object

The act by which the object is included in the List of privatization objects
Order of the Cabinet of Ministers of 16.01.2019 № 36-r

SPFU order on decision-making on privatization of the object
from 08.06.2018 № 756

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