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JSC “First Kyiv Machine-Building Plant”

JSC “First Kyiv Machine-Building Plant”


JSC “ First Kyiv Machine-building Plant” was founded in 1882. From the last quarter of the XX century the «Bilshovyk» plant became and still remains the leading enterprise among the CIS and Eastern Europe countries in manufacturing of large-tonnage equipment with a big single output for processing rubber, plastics or their waste.

This plant is actually an only multi-purpose machine-building complex with a full cycle production in the Kyiv City.

The enterprise offers to its customers services of highly skilled engineers and workers with a big complex of various metal-processing machines, welding, foundry, galvanic instrumental, woodworking and other types of equipment.

Progressive technological processes are being applied, including plasma fusing, figured cutting, local thermal strengthening, fusing with laser beam etc. All these technological possibilities and the intellectual potential are aimed at manufacturing of a wide range of products.

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Main activity according to the NACE: 28.99 Manufacture of other special-purpose machinery and equipment.

Asset value (as of December 31, 2019): UAH 370,680 thousand.

Privatization object: a block of shares of JSC “First Kyiv Machine-Building Plant” in the amount of 100% of the authorized capital of the company


  • Metalworking production with a large fleet of various machine tools, which allows to perform: turning parts with a diameter of up to 1.6 and a length of up to 10 meters; turning-carousel – with a diameter up to 6.3 meters; boring and coordinate boring operations in parts up to 4x4x6 meters; drilling to a depth of 6 meters; gear milling operations – for cutting gears with a module up to 30 mm and a diameter up to 3 meters and other works.
  • Harvesting production widely uses advanced technological processes: plasma surfacing and plasma machining of hard alloys; figured cutting; local thermal hardening and surfacing by means of laser radiation, etc.


Балансоутримувач Акціонерне товариство «Перший київський машинобудівний завод»
Код ЄДРПОУ балансоутримувача 14308569
Основний вид економічної діяльності за КВЕД 28.99 Виробництво інших машин та обладнання спеціального призначення, не включеного в інші категорії
Privatization method
Розмір гарантійного внеску, грн
Blocks of shares. % 100% акцій
Відповідальний за підготовку об'єкту
Наказ ФДМУ про прийняття рішення про приватизацію об'єкта
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