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Active Solar Power Plant (SPP) 2/2,158 MW with “Green” tariff rate activated

Active Solar Power Plant (SPP) 2/2,158 MW with “Green” tariff rate activated


1. Project Description:

Currently in operation SPP with 2 / 2,158 MW capacity for sale; the Project was launched in April 2020, now in active efficient use with activated "Green" 2019 tariff.

2. Location:

Lviv oblast (region), Zhydachivskyi rayon (district), urban-type settlement Hnezdychiv.

3. Area profile:

Land area under the project is 4 hectares. Subject to pp. 14.01: "Energy lands for the placement, construction, operation and maintenance of buildings and structures of facilities of power generating enterprises, institutions and organizations (power plants using wind, solar and other sources)"

4. Capacity:

2(АС)/2,158(DC) MW

5. Average Power Generation:

2 500 000 kwh

6. Available Official Documentation & Works Fulfilled:

- Declaration of readiness for operation of the facility dated December 3, 2019, No. 141193370616;

- License for electricity generation;

- Active "Green" tariff for a period of 10 years;

- Implemented external network connection.

8. Profit (excluding VAT):

€ 375,000 per year;

€ 3,750,000 over 10 years.

9. Earnings from “Green” tariff 2020:

€ 100,000 per year.

10. Payback period:

6 years.

11. Equipment:

- Photovoltaic cells (polycrystalline) DAH Solar (Half Cell) HCP72-330 – 3232 pcs;

- Seraphim Solar (Half Sell) SRP-330-BPA – 3310 pcs;

- Inverters Huawei SUN2000-60KTL-M0 – 30 pcs;

- Inverters Huawei SUN2000-17KTL – 1 pcs.

12. Facility Cost:

$2, 510, 000.

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