Electronic trading platform PRO.Invest.UA

Electronic trading platform PRO.Invest.UA

Дата публікації: 21-06-2021

About the company

PRO.INVEST.ua is a company that was created by a team of stock brokers with experience in this field for over 20 years. The process of creating the exchange was based on the international experience of countries such as Poland, France, Great Britain, Germany and the United States.

The main activity is auctions for the sale and lease of PROZORRO property. Sales. In the near future it is planned to implement several innovative projects in the field of exchange trading in resources that have no analogues in Ukraine.

The main goal of our team is to create an auction interface that will make the bidding process simple and clear, an operational support service, a training center with individual support for each client, innovative IT solutions, a high level of transaction security.

We work to contribute to the development of Ukraine and make the bidding process easy and enjoyable for customers!

History of the site

The idea of ​​creating an electronic trading platform "PRO.INVEST.ua" arose in early 2018, as a result of negotiations with European energy and American stock exchanges and the study of their experience in trading in energy and electricity. The goal was to create an innovative platform for energy trade, which has no analogues in Ukraine. In order to make Ukraine's energy market transparent and liberal, which will allow it to be integrated with the European exchange system in the future.

In parallel, having studied the experience and technical implementation of exchange platforms to work with the system Prozorro.prodazhi, it was decided to make a platform with the simplest and clearest interface that can be mastered by a person even with a minimum level of IT. Which in turn should open access to auctions not only to legal entities and large companies, but also to individuals for whom a huge number of interesting lots, such as real estate, land and cars, are provided on the site.

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