Germany is ready to invest in the green transformation of Ukraine

Germany is ready to invest in the green transformation of Ukraine

Дата публікації: 23-08-2021

German Federal Minister of Economy and Energy Peter Altmeier assured Germany of its readiness to invest in Ukraine's green transformation.

"We are ready to help Ukraine when it comes to the EU Accession Treaty on Climate Change and Energy. We support Ukraine's green transition. We are ready to work as closely as possible when it comes to synchronizing Ukraine's electricity and energy systems, EU electricity and energy systems. and Germany in order to positively and constructively take into account the important interests of Ukraine in this area, "Altmeier said at a briefing within the inaugural summit of the Crimean Platform.

He added that since Germany is a leader in this field and 46% of the energy consumed in the country is obtained from renewable sources, many German companies are ready to enter the Ukrainian market.

"They are ready to invest in the production of green hydrogen in Ukraine, which will have a very positive effect on the decarbonization of the economy," the minister said.

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