The State Property Fund has put up for auction a diamond processing plant

The State Property Fund has put up for auction a diamond processing plant

Дата публікації: 06-09-2021

The State Property Fund has put up for privatization a diamond processing enterprise - Vinnytsia plant «Krystal». The auction is scheduled for October 1.

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Вінницький завод «Кристал». Фонд державного майна

The starting price of the object is 89.9 million hryvnias. The plant is located at Vinnytsia, st. 600th anniversary, 21. The new owner will receive 100% of the shares of the plant, as well as technological equipment in full, necessary for all operations of the technological process of processing diamond raw materials and production of jewelry with diamond inserts. In addition, the company has in its assets machines, production equipment and vehicles.

As of June 2021, there are no arrears of wages, before the budget, as well as overdue accounts payable.

Despite the significant amount of commitments, all the basic means of production necessary for the implementation of business projects are preserved. In the case of attracting investment, the company is able to quickly restore production capacity.

Object history

Vinnytsia plant «Krystal» began operating in 1973 in the system of diamond processing industry. In 1992, in order to expand the domestic market for diamonds, the company established a jewelry factory that manufactures jewelry made of precious metals with inserts of diamonds and other precious stones. In 2020, the company was transformed into a joint stock company.

Now the plant is a unique enterprise in Ukraine for processing diamonds into diamonds. The company can produce diamonds of classic round shapes on 57 faces. The technological divisions of the enterprise are equipped with modern equipment.

Today Krystal produces more than 5,000 models of jewelry. The production technology meets modern requirements, provides production of high-quality jewelry which have competitiveness. Jewelry is sold under the brand name «Vinnytsia- Krystal».

Vinnytsia plant «Krystal»

The facility includes 14 registered units of real estate (industrial, warehouse, non-residential premises, garage, shop, etc.) with a total area of 9533.0 square meters. m., located at: Vinnytsia, st. 600th anniversary, 21, Vinnytsia, street Pavlova, 4, Vinnytsia, street Pirogova, 112, Cherkasy, Shevchenko Boulevard, 256

Among the movable property at the plant there are machines, production equipment and vehicles (10 units)

Terms of sale

  • preservation of the main activity of the company throughout the year;
  • repayment within 6 months of the Company's wage arrears to the budget, overdue accounts payable, if any, as of the date;
  • transfer to the buyer of ownership of a block of shares;
  • failure to dismiss employees of the company at the initiative of the buyer or his authorized body within 6 months;
  • execution of a collective agreement in force at the company on the date of transfer of ownership, during its term, and after the expiration of its validity, concluding a new or amending the agreement in the manner prescribed by law and ensuring its implementation;
  • compliance with the requirements and additional restrictions of environmental legislation on the company's activities;
  • •financing of labor protection in the company in accordance with the requirements of Article 19 of the Law of Ukraine «On labor protection».
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