Electronmash failed to be privatized for almost UAH 1 billion

Electronmash failed to be privatized for almost UAH 1 billion

Дата публікації: 16-12-2021

The auction for the privatization of the state enterprise Electronmash was declared unsuccessful. Its winner Lorten Group LLC did not sign the contract of sale of the object in due time.

The act of non-signing the agreement states that the Regional Office of the State Property Fund in Kyiv provided Lorten Group with a draft contract of sale of the privatization object on December 7, which had to be signed by December 13, but as of December 14 responses from potential buyers not received.

At the same time, on November 17, the potential owner signed a protocol on the results of the auction for the sale of Electronmash, where he promised to sign an agreement to buy and sell the object within 30 calendar days. This means that the object must be put up for privatization again.

How the auction took place

The auction for the privatization of the property complex of Kyiv's Electronmash took place on November 12 in the Prozorro.Sale system. 22 companies competed for it, and the final value of the asset increased more than 14 times - from 66 million hryvnias to 970 million. The winner was the little-known LLC "Lorten Group". The difference in the final price between the winner and the second place was only one kopeck.

Who bought Electronmash

According to the Unified State Register of Legal Entities and Individual Entrepreneurs, Lorten Group LLC was registered in the capital in May 2018 with a share capital of UAH 100. The owner and manager of the company is Oleg Pichenevsky from Nikopol, Dnipropetrovsk region.

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The main activity of the company is the purchase and sale of its own real estate, the company also works in the field of law, real estate management and provides information services

What is known about Electronmash

Electronmash property complex

The state enterprise Electronmash has existed for over 50 years. It was created during the Soviet era - in 1965 on the basis of a factory of electronic computers. The state-owned enterprise specialized in the supply of components and finished computer equipment, as well as electronic products.

The company also produced power supplies for on-board public transport networks: trolleybuses, trams, subway cars and railway passenger cars, as well as household gas meters, cash registers for trade, catering and services, electronic equipment for wind control.

As of June 30, 2021, the plant employed 139 people. According to the State Property Fund, at the beginning of July the current debt of the state enterprise amounted to UAH 924,490, overdue - UAH 11.9 million, of which UAH 5.4 million - wage arrears, salary taxes - UAH 3.3 million, other accounts payable - UAH 3.2 million. The total debt at the enterprise is UAH 25 million.

The total area of the facility is 13.6 hectares. It consists of 37 units of real estate, three plots of land and seven leased objects.

Terms of privatization

According to the privatization conditions, the new owner must repay the debts of the enterprise. He also cannot dismiss employees within 6 months from the date of transfer of ownership, and must comply with the requirements of environmental legislation regarding the use of the recreation center, which is part of the EMC.

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